Screen shots of KDE 4.8.x on openSUSE 12.1

Currently running KDE 4.8.1 on openSUSE 12.1 with 3.2.9 kernel. One thing i always love about KDE is it’s customization of almost everything. You can customize it from head to toe the way you want it. In the screen shots below, i would also share my desktop settings if any one else might want to try it out.

Desktop theme: Produkt

Windows decoration: Bespin

Style: Oxygen

Fonts: Droid Sans

Icons: MaliaeSVG

Colors: Mint-RGS

Kwin beclock at the right top corner.


How to get latest Firefox in openSUSE

Firefox 10 is released and it is available in openSUSE Mozilla already. I will show you how to get the latest stable release using zypper(via terminal) and YaST(via graphical interface).

1st method (the terminal way):

1- Open terminal, become root by su – and type the following line (will add the mozilla repo),

openSUSE 11.4

zypper ar FF11.4

openSUSE 12.1

zypper ar FF12.1

2- Now type this,

zypper ref
zypper dup --from FF12.1

FF12.1 is for openSUSE 12.1, if you are on 11.4, change it to FF11.4. (Don’t worry, its just a repo name). And that’s it.

2nd method (the YaST way):

1- Open Yast -> software repositories and click on add button, click next by choosing specify URL from above options and add the repo(mentioned in 1st method above) for your specific distro with name in the Repository Name field. Click next button to finish.

2- Now open Software management from YaST, choose the repo name you just added and click on ‘switch system packages’. Accept and that’s it.

Which method you will go for?, i will definitely go for 1st one, easy with few lines to run from terminal.

Firefox 4 is OUT

The long wait is over, Firefox4 makes its ground and is now available for public consumption. I am using it since beta 2 and have no issues so far until this final release on openSUSE 11.3. It has a new great feature which  i really love to use is tabs grouping. This is the best feature i came across in this new version, there are many but i like this one because it make easy to group different sites like mails, forums, social sites etc etc. Explore it..

If you want to download it manually, here you can find the download link.

Read this for more exciting features Firefox 4 offer.

If you are using openSUSE 11.3 OR 11.4 and want to install it without any problem, follow this link.

Update (31-03-2011): Features of FF4

How to install Firefox 4 or later in openSUSE 11.3 and 11.4

Also check this latest post for 11.4 and 12.1: How to get latest Firefox in openSUSE

Update (02-01-2012): As FF is now rapidly releasing new versions, you will get new stable version most of the time from the repos for openSUSE(any version). At the time of writing this update, it have 9.0.1 version available for use.

Update (22-03-2011): Firefox 4 is available in the Mozilla repo now, if you were using the following repo before, please disable or delete it and add the repo in step 1 down there if not added yet. [Remove this repo]


There are some nice new features available and more to come, i hope you guys already heard about it if not read this page. Here i am going to guide you how to install it in openSUSE 11.3 and 11.4. openSUSE has its own repo for it, which updates from time to time upon new packages. So lets start with YaST.

1- Open YaST and click on software repositories, add the following repo.

openSUSE 11.3:

openSUSE 11.4:

Give it a name(any name) and save it. Close software repositories.

2- Now open software management and search for Firefox and select firefox for installation, and there you go.

NOTE: If you have Firefox 3.6.x installed and running, please close it and then open Firefox 4 to start browsing.


Update (18-02-2011): For the users, who have this issue stated below,

Problem: nothing provides needed by mozilla-xulrunner20-2.0b11-3.3.i586

Please add this repo, and then try again:

For more details, please read the comments below. Thank You


Have fun!

Firefox 4 on its way to adopt ‘super-fast’ ideology

Hi all,

Firefox 4 will be released in the upcoming winter with a lot of promises, as Mike Belzner, vice president of engineering at Firefox added, ‘Performance, power and personalization’. Chrome?, yeh its a fact chrome is fast, light weight and elegant. Many of us are using chrome, but the fact is that that many are not near to Firefox many. Firefox have a lot of user base than chrome. Both are ideal browsers and very good one to use. I personally use Firefox instead of Chrome, yup i use Chrome for some websites like surfing Google and news sites etc.  So that mean, i am using both at the same time. Chrome is from openSUSE contrib repo with weekly build and updates. Currently using 6.0.397.0 (0) from build repo and have facing some crashes with flash (annoying and disaster flash), but at the same time i also have little bit crashes with Firefox 3.6.3. but its rare and not caused by flash.

Here are some more reading and some screen shots of Firefox 4 from

What you think about it?