Conference: Asia and 21st century

Hi all, hope every body is doing great.

Yesterday i attend a conference at Nikko Hotel KL. It was organized by Asia Europe Institute University of Malaya as a lecture series named “University Malaya’s Asia-Europe Eminent Persons Lecture Series”. Tun Dr. Mahatir Mohamad was the guest invited for a special lecture on “Asia and 21st century”. Around 70 ambassadors of different countries were invited to join the lecture, total more than 400 participants were there to attend the conference.

The program begin by the opening speech of Datuk Rozia Umar Executive director of AEI UM. After that Tun Dr. Mahatir Mohamad started his lecture. What more impress me, that this lecture was quite different from others. A general assumption was that He will give analysis of different Asian countries like Japan, China, South Korea with their GDP etc etc. But no, it was not that. The main focus was on the word “Productivity”. Tun Dr. Mahatir compare the productivity of Europe with Asia and target Europe for less productivity. Productivity in terms of human resources to brought it in action. He discussed the growth beside population and gave example of China. Japan was the center point of the lecture, as how they build their industry and put themselves in top industries list in the world. He says: “Europe product quality was great, japan 1st copy that with lower cost product with cheap materials. But after that how they innovate that products with new ideas, they work hard on it and make a new product with improved quality. In US, car repair workshop were closed because of Japan cars which don’t need to be repaired oftenly. That’s the reason how Japan make reputation in the world and became Asia most developed nation”.

The focus was on productivity, human resources, work timing.

Overall the lecture was quite impressive and very informative. After lecture, was Q&A session. Some questions were related to Malaysia growth, education, policies etc. One question which really shake the hall was about terrorism and Asia. The answer from Tun Dr. Mahatir Mohamad was great as always we expect from him. He said: ” Terrorism word is invented by USA to use it for its own benefits”. He target USA for the all terror happenings in the world, which is quite true in every sense. He target Israel and said: “Before Israel on the world map, there was no terrorism”. Its because father want to save his child. USA doing the same thing by saving and giving free hands to Israel to let him do what he want. He added: “Why some one will tie a bomb and blow him/herself, its because he/she has no option. They mentally tortured and force for this action”.

I was really surprised, that Tun Dr. Mahatir said all that in front of around 70 countries ambassadors and even USA ambassador sectary was there. He was bold, brave in his lecture and Q&A session. He is a role model for Muslim countries. He called USA and Israel terrorist countries. No doubt in that.

After the lecture i was thinking, we really need this type of leader for our country, not like Mr 10%(Zardari) and Musharaf(Who sells people to other countries). We can call them as human smugglers. Can our president say some thing like that about USA and Israel. No, Never. How that coward leaders can.

They just have concern about their Swiss accounts not with the country. How cheap and coward our leaders are. They are slave of USA, sorry i must say “more than slave”. There should be one law for them “Hang them down in front of people, they deserve that”. They play with people lives. They sell them like selling chickens.

I have no more words to explain them, the above words were enough now you can imagine how cheap they are. In simple words “Cheap and coward leaders in the world”. A country which is Atomic power, lay down to USA on knees..WHY???, and we have everything which some of the countries don’t have but are developed and we are not. Its because of our leaders and politicians.

Its enough for now, i will calm down myself. And lets hope and pray for better tomorrow and future.

Have a nice day!