Upgrade to KDE4.7.4 or later in openSUSE

openSUSE 12.1 is shipped with KDE 4.7.2, but some people like me might be interested to update to latest stable release. So that’s quite easy, we just need to add stable upstream repos. Here i will show you that how to update to latest version.

1-1st of all, if you have other KDE repos, please disable/delete them. Then add the following repos for your distro. Open YaST and add them using the software repositories module







2- Now open terminal, and type zypper dup it will change the vendors too, and update the system to the latest packages from every repo.

It will ask for yes or no, type y or yes. That’s it.

Hope after all updates you will have KDE 4.7.4 with stable packages and stable system.

Note: Having these repos, you will always get latest stable point release of KDE SC 4.7.