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Chromebooks are quite hot now days as the big brands are offering different spec machines with Google ChromeOS installed on it. Ever wondered to give this a try?, i am sure you have that itch feeling to test this out. But wait, ChromeOS is not available to use, so what?. Long live open source.. We […]

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One of my favorite distro openSUSE, 12.1 is released already and i haven’t tried it out until yesterday. I am amazed as always from the improvement openSUSE implement each time it releases new version. Love the green buttons and green progress bar this time(in installation). Ok, so as the title says, i will guide you […]

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Ubuntu has announced the latest release of its family OS and this time things are little different than before, we have Ubuntu with new desktop called Unity. I have tested the beta version and it was awesome. I am downloading it ATM and will try it out. So don’t miss it and download it now […]

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