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Not new to WordPress, but to be precise this is my 1st plugin for public release. Wrote themes and worked on WordPress quite closely. Some of the themes i published for public consumption. There are many newsletter plugins around so what’s new in this. Good question, well there might not be some thing very new […]

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As the title says, it is a simple script which will take input from user via text box and open a popup window with the custom text written by the user. The code is fairly easy to understand, just copy, paste and use it. Few things to notice here are: – twit.png image is not […]

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JQuery 1.5 is available for download, and there must be some users like me who will definitely thinking to give it a try and explore what’s new in it. I haven’t used it yet, but i came across this article from sitepoint blog and found it interesting to read. You can download the latest stable […]

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