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Gnome 3.6.x is awesome desktop, it improved quite a lot and more mature than it’s previous versions. This article is about Gnome 3.6.1 on openUSE 12.2. The default icon set by Gnome is ugly[for me at least]. So 1st thing i need to do is change icons. Gnome tweak tool is a handy app to […]

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UPDATE (28-05-2013): For geo urdu site, please refer to this comment below: UPDATE(11-02-2013): In the past, was having down time issues, and now one of the commenter said that the site domain has expired. Keeping that in mind, from now on both of the fonts will be available to download from our server. […]

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As openSUSE11.2 have by default very good fonts installed. But some time we need M$ and some other TTF fonts to use. Like most commonly used one is ‘Times New Roman’. The installation in previous version of openSUSE was not easy like openSUSE 11.2. You are just a few clicks away from these fonts. As […]

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