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In the previous article we discuss how to “Backup MySQL data into CSV” in terminal. In this post we will discuss how to create csv file with PHP and force it to download. We will be pulling data from MySQL database. 1st of all we will need connection to database, for that we will use […]

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In my last article i showed you how to “Setup web server on Amazon AMI or CentOS“, to continue that article further i will discuss how to backup MySQL data into CSV format. So let’s start, login into your machine through terminal and login to MySQL server and choose database by command ‘use databasename‘.  Let’s […]

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MySQL have this load data function, where we can insert data to a table from external files like csv, txt etc. The process is quite simple, 1st lets login to mysql via terminal/console. mysql -u root -p Enter your MySQL password. Change root to any username(MySQL users) you would wish to login to MySQL. mysql> […]

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