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To install chromium browser in fedora you need to add a repo file to the yum.repos.d dir as it is not available in rpm fusion repos. So download the repo file from the link below: Right click on the fedora-chromium-stable.repo and save it to you hard drive by selecting “Save Link As”. Now open terminal […]

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Chromebooks are quite hot now days as the big brands are offering different spec machines with Google ChromeOS installed on it. Ever wondered to give this a try?, i am sure you have that itch feeling to test this out. But wait, ChromeOS is not available to use, so what?. Long live open source.. We […]

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Google Chrome beta is already released for Linux, but in this post i am not going to explain something about Google Chrome. Its about Chromium. But if you want to download and install Chrome beta version, download from here. Note: I think, there will be no flash plugin installed, one need to install it […]

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