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In some cases if you are running WordPress OR some other database extensive application on micro instance, you will experience slow page loading on various occasions. There is a nice solution to that, install PHP APC to cache most the PHP code for fast loading. I assume that you are already on the server console […]

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In my previous post, i explained how to cache feeds directly in json format and show them in your web page from the cache file. In this post, i will show you how to get feeds from search api with having multiple usernames and store them in a file. Credit goes to Scott for his […]

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Showing feeds directly from twitter will some time(most of the time) get you blank page or empty tweets. Why?, because the direct request to twitter api is limited to 150 requests per hour. We can use search api, will discuss this in some other post. Lets get to work, 1st of all create a directory […]

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