LibreOffice 3.4 Beta 1 Released

Hi folks,

Some interesting news we have here, that Oracle halting commercial interest for OpenOffice. And at the mean time we have beta 1 for LibreOffice, this is now great news. Some of the features are listed below for this release:

  • added navigation buttons to writer
  • Replaced unhide text button by icon buttons
  • Mouse wheel scrolls whole slides
  • Updated slide sorter icons
  • allow ‘select as you type’ aka ‘quick selection’
  • new ‘animated images’ for Throbber controls
  • enable human icon theme
  • treat Excel number format ‘General’ as standard format in Calc
  • change the default sheet print option to “print entire sheet” in Calc
  • don’t toggle the calc formula bar when activating and deactivating a chart in Calc
  • Allow unused master pages to be deleted in master pages control in Impress
  • enable full width by default for ‘Default’ style in Impress

Download it from here.

openSUSE users can follow these instructions, but i would recommend to read in openSUSE forums 1st and install from any beta repos.

More read at