Icon-Only task manager in KDE – A nice launcher by default

Icon-Only task manager is a task manager available in KDE 4.8 by default, so you no need to install any thing. Just checkout the widgets and it will be there. What it have and why it is different from task manager?, as from its name, it is just an icon only task manager. The good thing i found in this new version is that we can make the icon for an application stay there after closing it. That means, that the application icon will be available at the task bar, if enable the settings for that specific icon. You can move the icons and re arrange its positions, and after moving them according to your taste, it is advisable to lock the Launchers. Just right click on the bar and choose ‘Lock Launchers’, so doing that, your icons will be locked and cannot be re arranged even by a mistake. It have many options in the settings to change its behavior, look and feel(even can make it like unity launcher) etc. In short, it is a nice, complete and simple dock. The best thing about it is, that we can add widgets, system tray, kickoff menu etc beside it(like in the screen shots below). Check out the screen shots of it in action. Try it out, i am sure you will love it.

Icon-Only task manager KDE
Icon-Only task manager KDE
Icon-Only task manager KDE
Icon-Only task manager KDE
Icon-Only task manager KDE

  • Where can I find source code for this?

  • ElectricPrism

    I had to find your blog in order to learn the Icon-Only Task Manager had the lock ability.
    The text: “Show A Launcher When Not Running” is confusing and long

    It should really be simpler suchas: “Pin App Launcher”

    • I tend to agree with you on “Pin App Launcher”. I hope they change this in the upcoming releases to a simple text.

      • ElectricPrism

        I really love KDE, I’ve been running Sabayon X and really want the thing with KDE to work out – some of the stuff they do really confuses me – like bundling the KDE2 and Remond window decorations from the 90s with their 2012 release.

        Maybe it’ll be a Love / Hate thing – I like that I can customize my calendar to read 2012.11.22 01:45, but I’m actually thinking of writing a shell script that deletes all the KDE bundled stuff.

        Good article nonetheless 🙂

  • c652

    how can I change the box width to mimic windows style?

    • Sorry i did not get you clearly, do you mean the settings window style? like netboook style window?. OR do you mean the icon width?

  • Toupee

    I honestly searched ‘icons only in KDE task manager’ on a whim and had NO idea the feature existed under basically the same name and had lots more features than I expected! And here I thought I was going to have to install Cairo dock or something. Thanks for this post.



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