How to Install LibreOffice in openSUSE?

Note: 11.4 by default have LibreOffice, but one can use the repo below to get the stable updates.

Hi folks,

As we know, LibreOffice stable release is available for use. I guess, you still have OpenOffice installed and using it. Why not lets try LibreOffice. It’s quite easy to install, lets go through step by step.

1- 1st add the following repo for your distro(11.3 or 11.4). Just open YaST and click on the software repositories, click on the Add button and the rest is self explanatory.

openSUSE 11.4 repo :

openSUSE 11.3 repo :

Give it any name of your choice like ‘LibreOffice Stable Repo’, Done? ok now lets go to next step.

2- Now open software management from YaST, and choose Repositories from the drop down menu if it is not there as a tab. Select the newly added repo, and you will see LibreOffice packages. Click on LibreOffice package for installation. At this moment if you already have OpenOffice installed, it will ask for replacing it in a pop up window, just choose to replace it with LibreOffice packages. If you are successfully done, you can click the Accept button. Wait and it will install LibreOffice for you.

Note: If you want to completely uninstall OpenOffice packages, just type openoffice in the search box in software management(YaST) and hit enter, it will give you the packages, if you see any installed packages, just right click,  choose delete and do it for the rest. That will completely remove OpenOffice from your pc.

If every thing goes fine, it will install LibreOffice and you can use it from now.

  • doug

    I installed LibreOffice as described above, but I cannot input anything in any documents opened using LibreOffice, neither it’s a new document or and old one. I tried many times installed it, but only noticed that it does not respond to any keyboard activities, but mouse movement and mouse clicks works. I have 2 notebooks using opensuse 11.3 and both installed with LibreOffice, and both have the same problem. I doubt it’s an isolated case, but I can’t find any solutions by googling.

  • Hi doug,
    I personally don’t have any issues with LibreOffice at the moment, but there is a thread about this in openSUSE forum, you can try the tips from there.

    Libreffice 3.3 openSUSE Forum

    Good luck!

  • Colin
  • Thanks Colin,
    For some reason, repo is not available for 11.2 now i have added the 11.4 repo, if some one need stable updates.

    • Destrey

      I wneatd to spend a minute to thank you for this.