How to install Firefox 4 or later in openSUSE 11.3 and 11.4

Also check this latest post for 11.4 and 12.1: How to get latest Firefox in openSUSE

Update (02-01-2012): As FF is now rapidly releasing new versions, you will get new stable version most of the time from the repos for openSUSE(any version). At the time of writing this update, it have 9.0.1 version available for use.

Update (22-03-2011): Firefox 4 is available in the Mozilla repo now, if you were using the following repo before, please disable or delete it and add the repo in step 1 down there if not added yet. [Remove this repo]


There are some nice new features available and more to come, i hope you guys already heard about it if not read this page. Here i am going to guide you how to install it in openSUSE 11.3 and 11.4. openSUSE has its own repo for it, which updates from time to time upon new packages. So lets start with YaST.

1- Open YaST and click on software repositories, add the following repo.

openSUSE 11.3:

openSUSE 11.4:

Give it a name(any name) and save it. Close software repositories.

2- Now open software management and search for Firefox and select firefox for installation, and there you go.

NOTE: If you have Firefox 3.6.x installed and running, please close it and then open Firefox 4 to start browsing.


Update (18-02-2011): For the users, who have this issue stated below,

Problem: nothing provides needed by mozilla-xulrunner20-2.0b11-3.3.i586

Please add this repo, and then try again:

For more details, please read the comments below. Thank You


Have fun!

  • Michael K. Spears

    Thank you for this, I use Firefox 4 on my Windows machine, and I wanted it on my Linux rig. This helped me get everything working

  • Jonathan Dlouhy

    I don’t get Firefox 4 with this repo. I get the branding and debug stuff but not the program. Anywhere else to look?

  • Hi Jonathan,
    I am not sure, how you cannot install it from this repo. If you type this repo manually in the address bar, you can see the packages. You can give it try later, its some time because the repo goes under maintenance for a while. I just checked, its working and packages are there to install.

  • Jonathan Dlouhy

    Thanks for the quick reply. BTW, will this replace Firefox 3.6.13 or install alongside it? I will try the repo again.

  • It will replace 3.6.x, but you can always go back to 3.6.x from the other Mozilla repo. For that, you just need to disable FF4 repo(above in the post) and then switch back to 3.6.x.
    Before until beta 4 i guess it was like that you can use both, but later the developers change the pattern and it goes on top of 3.6.x now.

  • Jonathan Dlouhy

    OK, that’s no problem. I still can’t see it when I add the repo. I get branding and debugging stuff for version 4 but not the actual program itself. And I do see it when i got the the URL.

  • This is my current FF4 from the above repo.
    Can i see yours(snapshot)?

    Hint: Can you try without 4 like just firefox in the search box?

  • Jonathan Dlouhy

    I don’t know how to post a screenshot here so I just sent one to your emall address.

  • Never mind, you can post a link here to the snapshot.
    FF4 packages are there, i see all that, just can you scroll up and check MozillaFirefox package?

  • Jonathan Dlouhy

    OK, here’s a shot of the whole repo. Either I’m blind or only the branding and debugging stuff is there.

  • Try to do this now: you can see this above there ‘switch system packages’, try that.
    OR go to version tab down there and check either FF4 is available, i am sure its there.
    But try the switch system packages 1st and let me know.

  • LaBud

    Have been trying to install FF4. Unsuccessful so far. openSuse 11.3 KDE 4.4.4.
    Followed your instructs, but after it installs it wont start and I get an error thru terminal when I run
    zypper ve

    “linux-2pci:/home/labud # zypper ve
    Loading repository data…
    Reading installed packages…
    3 Problems:
    Problem: nothing provides needed by mozilla-xulrunner20-2.0b11-3.3.i586
    Problem: nothing provides needed by mozilla-xulrunner20-2.0b11-3.3.i586
    Problem: nothing provides needed by mozilla-xulrunner20-2.0b11-3.3.i586

    Problem: nothing provides needed by mozilla-xulrunner20-2.0b11-3.3.i586
    Solution 1: deinstallation of mozilla-xulrunner20-2.0b11-3.3.i586
    Solution 2: break mozilla-xulrunner20 by ignoring some of its dependencies

    Choose from above solutions by number or skip, retry or cancel [1/2/s/r/c] (c):”

    Cannot find how to upgrade to NSS_3.12.9 which might be mozilla-nss
    which shows as version 3.12.8-1.1.1?

    Help if you would please?
    Thank You

  • Hi LaBud,
    Do you have this repo enabled?

    If not, please add this repo, enable it and then try to upgrade.

    Let me know, if you need more help with this.


  • LaBud

    Hi Admin
    ty for pointing that out
    I had thot repo was installed, but not so.
    I had added a couple of repos, for different things and thot this was one.
    After the repo addition it starts fine.

    Thanks so much for your time.

  • Glad to hear that.

    I will update the post with this information, so that others might not face this issue.


  • LaBud

    Hi Admin
    It’s all working well now, but I was wondering ?
    Will this work on a 64 bit opensuse 11.3 ?

  • Hi LaBud,
    There are no issues on 64 bit system, as i am currently using it on my personal pc with no problems. Works like a charm.


  • LaBud

    i will try it also

  • Myo Htet

    I’d like to know how can i install firefox on suse11.4 with tar.bz2