How to get latest Firefox in openSUSE

Firefox 10 is released and it is available in openSUSE Mozilla already. I will show you how to get the latest stable release using zypper(via terminal) and YaST(via graphical interface).

1st method (the terminal way):

1- Open terminal, become root by su – and type the following line (will add the mozilla repo),

openSUSE 11.4

zypper ar FF11.4

openSUSE 12.1

zypper ar FF12.1

2- Now type this,

zypper ref
zypper dup --from FF12.1

FF12.1 is for openSUSE 12.1, if you are on 11.4, change it to FF11.4. (Don’t worry, its just a repo name). And that’s it.

2nd method (the YaST way):

1- Open Yast -> software repositories and click on add button, click next by choosing specify URL from above options and add the repo(mentioned in 1st method above) for your specific distro with name in the Repository Name field. Click next button to finish.

2- Now open Software management from YaST, choose the repo name you just added and click on ‘switch system packages’. Accept and that’s it.

Which method you will go for?, i will definitely go for 1st one, easy with few lines to run from terminal.

  • stanley_the_vet

    wow,don’t you just hate googling for things that just don’t work!
    None of the metods above worked for me,although i tried both.
    I’m using openSUSE 12.1
    It says that the repo link is not good…

    • stanley_the_vet

      ok! I did that:
      1.a deep breath
      2.closed firefox
      3.retried first method(pressed ‘t’ when asked me about trusting signature or so…)
      4.restarted computer
      and it I’m not sure if one of those things did the job on my second attempt or I just had a bad internet connection but…don’t you just love when in the end something just works?
      by the way admin you can just refuse my posts as they are usefull to no one.

      • Glad to hear, that you sorted it out. Some time we need to use brain instead of Google(no offense).

  • Daniel

    For step 2 of the “YaST” way, I had to select Options –> Allow vendor change