How to create live bootable usb via terminal in Linux

Before creating a live usb from terminal, you have to format your usb and make sure you are formatting/writing to the correct device. In terminal we will use dd command for creating a live bootable usb from any distro iso. 1st of all, lets find out our usb device:

sudo fdisk -l

That will list down your storage devices.


You can see from the screen shot, mine is detected as sdc, yours can be sdc, sdf or sdb etc.

NOTE: Before formatting, please backup your files from the usb as it will completely erase the device.

Now if you want to format this device, check out this link. After formatting, run the fdisk command again just to be on the safe side.

Now type the following command while changing the paths:

dd if=/path/to/iso-file of=/dev/sdc

bs can be added to the end of the command, bs{byte size}. bs=4096 OR bs=2048

dd if=/path/to/iso-file of=/dev/sdc bs=2048

Remember to not include the integer for the device, as it is representing the partition like sdc1 or sdc2 etc. Just use the device name like /dev/sdc or /dev/sdf.

Good luck!

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    • That is Pantheon Terminal from elementary OS.

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