Google Operating System “Chrome OS”

Last Thursday Google had a press conference, where all expected that they will announce the 1st release of Chrome OS, but due to some unfortunate facts, there was no such news from them. But they announced, that chrome OS  will go open source and code will be available to external developers as like internal.

Chrome OS will be available in end of 2010 as planned. The target market is netbooks, after that laptops and then PC. Google is working with some hardware vendors to provide better support to end users.

Chrome OS is new approach in computing world. A web browser will be used as an OS. Its like Chrome browser bulked with multiple tasks and tabs.

“In Chrome OS, every application is a web application”, Pichai said. “There are no desktop applications”.

Chrome OS is based on cloud computing, where every thing will be saved on cloud computers. The boot time as they said would be “7 seconds”.

Media, PDF, Word files, Storage media all will be available in one browser, which will communicate with PC hardware.

“We want Chrome OS to be blazingly fast,” Pichai said. “We want it to be like a TV – turn it ON and it’s booted up”.

The operating system will support anything supported in chrome browser, such as media codecs and plug-ins. Chrome OS will digital cameras out of the browser, and Pichai said, “We are still working on printers drivers, and i can gave assurance, that by next year Chrome OS will support printers”.

Sergery Brin, Google’s co-founder and president, said his company isn’t focusing on Chrome OS’s potential effects on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux or other traditional operating systems.

He said, “We really focus on user needs rather than strategies against different companies”.

At the news conference, Google also announced:

  • that 40 million people use the Chrome browser as their primary browser,
  • that the Chrome browser will soon officially be available for Mac and Linux,
  • that it is still working on finding a safe way to use HTML5 to take advantage of multicore processing and a computer’s own graphics card.

Screenshots of the new Chrome OS:

Chrome Apps

Chrome Files

Chrome Chart

Chrome Home