Clients and Us(Programmers and Freelancers)

Just now i was reading some nice client-programmers chat/discussion and seriously it was really funny…

Before that, i would share some of my experience with different clients.

One of my client sent me an email saying some useless words, in short was referring to that i should be available all the time for them, even if they don’t pay for it. It’s like i have nothing to do in the world except their project i have. I finished that project some time ago, but you know i still need to get my payment for the 2nd draft. Now the funny thing is they love to play with you. How?, good question, they told me that my cheque is ready so i went to the account department and asked for it, they said, they already sent it to main office, i call the main office, they said they did not receive my cheque. Hmmmm… was my immediate answer with anger… And until now(over 2 months or may be more)[project was dragged to 2 years because of them] i did not ask for it and they did not say any thing… The 1st payment i received was after 6 months of the project… This is how some clients are.

Another client story now… Recently, if i would say this week will be fair, i did some work for this client for continuously three/four days day and night with even phone support. And after all work done, client keep quite, even no words how much i may charge… Why is it so? is it because the work is finished and every thing up and running smoothly… That’s really annoying when they start thinking it’s easy job… spent hours, use mind, think about it and at the end cheap reward…

I guess, there are many storeis i can share, but for now i will stop and share some funny one from another site. I was surfing just now and find it really interesting.

CLIENT: We have looked at your PHP source code and I am a little upset.

ME: Why is that? What’s wrong?

CLIENT: You have used die(); everywhere, do you secretly want me to die?

Client: “I’ve spoken to my accountant, and he said you were too expensive, that he could find me another designer for half your price, but I want to work with you, can we renegotiate?

Me: “How much are you paying your accountant? I’m sure I can find you a cheaper one.

Client’s Secretary: “Look, you seem to have a lot of talent, but I don’t think that we can use you because my boss clearly stated that we need someone who knowsAdobo photoshop.”

Me: “I think you mean Adobe Photoshop…”

Client’s Secretary:  ”No, there’s no such thing, and if there is, it’s really not the same software we’re using because I need .psd files that I can edit in my AdoboInDesign program.”

Me: “Well, I can promise that the kind of photoshop that I am using can produce .psd files that can be read by any Adobo product.”

Well, there are more and a lot funny than above… head over to it and enjoy the fun!